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The creative group Boom Chicago is most famous for live comedy shows. Sharp, quick, and laugh out loud funny, Boom Chicago is fun. A Boom show is a mix of improv comedy, scenes, stand up, music and video. You are seated with your friends around tables and drinking is a part of the show. Afterwards there is music and parties in Bar 117. Our English language shows appeal to internationally-minded Dutch people, the expat community and sharper visitors to the city. Our themes vary, but we are drawn to life in Amsterdam, culture clash, current events and technology. Scroll down for more of what we do.



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Welcome to our online ticketing. 

If you would like to book a ticket for a future show not yet listed here, please contact our box office at 0900 BOOM CHICAGO (0900 266 6244 or +31 900 266 6244) or email us at hello@boomchicago.nlPlease call or email us for groups larger than ten, restaurant reservations and special requests.


Please click here for our different seating options.


Get your drinks at the attached Bar117 and take them in!Pails with ice will keep your bottles cold.For table service during the show you can place your order with My Order.




In addition to our theater menus with nearby restaurants Mazzo, Nomads and de Luwte, we are now proud to offer hot, delicious pizza at the theater from our neighborhood pizzeria La Gonda. There is no need to go anywhere else and you are the first to enter the theater when the doors open. Depending on the evening and your group, you can have your pizza in our bar or in the theater around small tables.



Boom Chicago has partnered with three nearby restaurants who have each created delicious menus that are fresh, fun and will get you to the show on time. Please contact us for reservations. Reservations are required for the pre-theater menus. Restaurant reservations are mandatory! Contact us so you will have a nice table and make the show on time! We look forward to seeing you at Boom Chicago!  

Now Playing and Upcoming Shows at Boom Chicago

An exhilarating mix of sharp writing, clever improvisation, music and video

Alumni show
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Here is a list of the current and upcoming shows at Boom Chicago. Click on any show for a complete description. On the right you see the upcoming days and what is playing on a particular date.

21 years of mockery

21 Years of Mockery is a mix of our favorite improvisations and scenes that revolve around what we like to do best: make fun of… Read More


BOOM´s Late Saturday Night Show! After Saturday’s first show, Boom’s cast plus special guests turn into comedy bartenders to create a delicious a Shot of… Read More

Student Wednesdays — 3 for 1!

This smiley stock photo agrees!  See a hysterical improv show on Wednesdays and students get 3 for 1 tickets. (student IDs with a date please)… Read More

Escape Through Time

BOOM CHICAGO TAKES ESCAPE ROOMS TO A NEW LEVEL! At a secret laboratory in the center of Amsterdam, scientists have made an exciting breakthrough: Time travel…. Read More

Upcoming Shows


Food and Drinks at Boom Chicago




At the Rozentheater, you are seated at small tables where you are invited (OK, encouraged) to drink during the show. Get your bucket of ice and fill it up. Drink prices are friendly! We serve emmertjes bier  (8 twist off Heinekens), and delicious bottles of wine from Grape District. We serve a complete selection of hard liquor and Jim Beam goes especially well with the show. Our soft drinks come in bottles, not from the soda gun.


DinNer options in our theater

In addition to our theater menus with nearby restaurants Mazzo, Nomads and De Luwte, we are now proud to offer hot, delicious pizza at the theater from our neighborhood pizzeria La Gonda. There is no need to go anywhere else and you are the first to enter the theater when the doors open. Depending on the evening and your group, you can have your pizza in our bar or in the theater around small tables. Read more...

DINNER in the neighborhood


Boom Chicago has partnered with three nearby restaurants who have each created delicious menus that are fresh, fun and will get you to the show on time. Please contact us for reservations. Reservations are required for the pre-theater menus. Read more...


Events at Boom

Inspiring space in the middle of the Jordaan

Boom Chicago’s inspiring space in the center of Amsterdam compliments great events. Our can-do team is a welcome contrast to those with the traditional dat is niet mogelijk attitude. Boom Chicago’s passion is special events and we would love to work together. Call 020 21 70 400 or email us at with your plans. Please click here for the Event Packages in English. Klik hier voor de Besloten Events in het Nederlands.

Fun For Groups

Boom Chicago is a Great Place for Groups

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Boom Chicago can accommodate groups of any size for a  truly special night. With dinner at nearby restaurants, drink packages, and our famous comedy show, a night at Boom offers the right mix of socializing and laughing. Are you celebrating with friends or colleagues?  Whatever the occasion, we look forward to taking care of you.

Here are some suggestions of what we can offer groups:

  • Please click here for the groups packages 2015 in English.
  • Klik hier voor de groeps arrangementen 2015 in het Nederlands.

Food and Drink Packages for Groups

Top restaurants, private dining or VIP treatment

Boom Chicago has arrangements with top nearby restaurants for different options for groups. Would you like a private dining room, a long table, or more… Read More

Private Reception, Show and Dinner


Start your evening with a private moment In a private space, have a toast, give a speech or make a presentation while we serve snacks…. Read More

Improv Day Special

get involved!

Don’t Just Watch — Get involved! Boom Chicago is a leader in shows and improvisation trainings for companies all over the Netherlands, Europe and beyond…. Read More

Boom Chicago’s Adventure Trail

Two hours of active fun!

In this active two hour program, participants perform a wide variety of fun and exciting assignments that earn points. Compete against and collaborate with colleagues… Read More

Why not Arrive by Boat?

The Boom Chicago Boat!

Boom Chicago can organize any sort of boat for your group For those that like something more intimate and unique, we have the Boom Chicago… Read More

Improv classes

Get confident and have fun!



Do something fun and active! Be creative! Get confident! Learn from the experts and join us for an improvisation or presentational skills class. See why we have so much fun on stage. Warning: It’s addictive. Once you get hooked, we might see you every week!

Boom Chicago’s Improv Workshops

Our course will unleash your inner creativity in a fun and safe environment. With a mix of instruction and performing, you will be surprised how much you can laugh in one afternoon.  You don’t need any acting experience.

The workshop teaches the basic principles of improv comedy and how we do the scenes you have seen in our shows. You will learn to understand the mind of a professional improviser and how to use our ‘yes and’ philosophy in everyday life. You will feel a boost in your general confidence. 

Each week, we organize unique activities that contain exercises different to previous sessions. Each workshop is easy to join and doesn’t require participation in previous weeks. Like a health club, we can accommodate beginners and intermediate people in the same class.  For true fans, we encourage you to take a full series to progress to the experienced level.


  • Every Saturday 15.00 to 17.30
  • The price for a single session is only €30 and includes a ticket for our fully improvised Saturday Late show Shot of Improv (valid for six months).
  • Ten classes are only €195 including ten Shot of Improv tickets. Use them yourself, bring your friends or give them as gifts (valid for six months).  
  • Buy your ticket here online!


Whether you worry about speaking in front of groups, or you are at ease in front of an audience, we can help you find fun and (more) enjoyment in public presentations. This masterclass will show you how to remain confident and calm when speaking in front of colleagues or strangers. It will improve your presentation skills and make you more comfortable in many situations.

The better you are in speaking, the more your audience will engage with you and the more your message comes across. People will listen more to what you have to say.

This course doesn’t focus on comedy per se, but our years of giving speeches, hosting and working in the corporate world has given us the tools to focus on how you come across and how can you respond to unexpected situations while remaining confident.

We cover presentational skills in general and then quickly move into individual feedback and your stength and weaknesses. By the end of the session, you will see a change in your skills and your confidence.  After this workshop, you will enjoy speaking in public more. 


  • Next Masterclass Presentation Skills: 26 September 2015 - 15:00 till 18:00
  • Tickets for the Masterclass are €65 and include a ticket to Shot of Improv (valid for 6 months). Buy your ticket here.
  • Follow-up session: for those who have done a Masterclass before there is a Presentation Skills 2.0 session on Saturday the 5th of September 2015.
  • A ticket for the follow-up session is €45 and can be purchased online here.
Tickets for all programs are available via our website. Gift certificates are available as well. Or contact us directly by emailing Marthe at, or call 020-2170400

Our Boat Tours started again!

Boat image


Join us on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam for exactly the experience you're looking for. We want you to enjoy the sights and sounds from a small, silent, electric boat and learn about the stranger than fiction history of this weird jigsaw puzzle of a city we call home. Bring whatever you'd like to eat, drink, and because it's an open boat, you are even welcome to smoke (wink wink) if you feel so inclined. Pat yourself on the back because you've found the best, most laid back, fun and informative boat tour in Amsterdam.

​Those Dam Boat Guys​

​The tour is hosted by our friends from Those Dam Boat Guys.​ Three dudes from the west (best) coast of North America that found themselves in Amsterdam, and found common interest in never getting real jobs. They realized that they were passionate about history, had good people skills, and loved the sound of their own voices, so being tour guides was the natural, logical career choice! They love what they do, and would be so happy to share their experience and passion with you. So come float with them.....



  • Tickets are €17 per person and​ ​can be purchased here.
  • A basic FAQ that answers all your boating related questions is here.
  • For any other questions you can get in touch
     Those Dam Boat Guys directly via or +31(0)618855219
  • ​You can also book a private tour! Just email Leslie at and he will set it up for you.​

Media and Press

Did you not see that recent article or piece on Boom Chicago?  Don't worry we did. We will be putting them here for you to catch up on all the Boom news. We do all the clipping, tagging, embedding and scanning so you don't have to!



Find Us

Boom Chicago Performs at the Rozengracht



Rozengracht 117, 1016LV Amsterdam



  • 16:00 to showtime
  • Saturdays 15:00 to showtime


  • Book online or call the box office at 0900 BOOM CHICAGO.
  • Phone hours are Mon-Tue 9:30-18:00, Wed-Fri 9:30-20:45, Saturday 15:00-22:30
  • Email questions to


For promotions or any other Job


Ask Google, duh!    


  • Closest: Street parking in the Jordaan. (€5/hour)
  • Easiest: Park at (Q-Park) Europarking, Marnixstraat 250 (€4,30/hr). Walk through the Texaco station and turn left. Turn right at the light (at the fire station) and walk to Rozengracht 117 (5 min)
  • Cheapest: P+R Bos en Lommer at the Ring A10 Exit S104 (Leeuwendalersweg 23).  Enter past 10am and pay only €1 for 24 hours of parking.  Buy return tram tickets at €5 for two people (90 cents additional for persons 3, 4, and 5) at the blue machines at the garage. Or travel on the tram with your OV chip card.
  • Take tram 14 (towards Central Station) to Marnixstraat (8 stops, 10 minute ride).
  • Check in and check out of all trams or the parking discount does not apply.
  • Take tram 14 (or 7) towards Slotermeer and get off at Bos en Lommerplein.  Last tram 14 from Boom is 12:31am. Night bus 352 runs all night from Boom (via Leidseplein) once an hour Mon-Thurs, and every 30 minutes Fri and Sat.



  • Tram 10, to stop Rozengracht (then 2 min walk)
  • Tram 13, 14, 17 to stop Marnixstraat (then 1 min walk).
  • Tram 7 to stop Elandsgracht (then 5 min walk)
  • Walk up Rozengracht to 117


From Amsterdam Centraal:
  • Take tram 13 or 17 (they only go one direction). Get off at Marnixstraat. (7 min ride).
From Amsterdam Lelylaan:
  • Take tram 17 (towards Centraal Station) to Marnixtraat (15 min ride)
  • Bus 197 (towards Leidseplein)
  • Only one ticket needed and the driver makes (small) change. Use an OV card or €4 cash.
  • Ride to the last stop Marnixtraat (which is strangely two stops past Leidseplein).
  • Walk through/past the Texaco gas station to the traffic light at the fire station. Turn right, cross the canal and walk to Rozengracht 117. (35 minute ride and 5 minute walk)


Park anywhere. This isn't the Leidseplein.