What’s Up with Those Beards? – Last show Saturday November 1st


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All of a sudden we’re seeing big hairy beards everywhere.  It’s not just on hipsters, Indy rockers and trendy bartenders. You see them in cafes, at school and on the tram. So is extreme facial hair merely fashionable or does it represent something deeper?
Is it time for men to be men again?  Or is this just something strange young people do?

What’s Up with Those Beards?

Boom Chicago’s new comedy show holds up a mirror to our ridiculous modern life in 2014. Using improv, sketch comedy, music, video, social media and technology, we take a hysterical look at the trends and issues of our time. What’s Up with Those Beards? looks under society’s facial hair to see what we’re covering up.

So find a date on Tinder. Grab your sneakers. Sort your Uber ride and get to Boom Chicago’s new comedy show for 2014:  What’s Up with Those Beards?

Are we serious? Is it ironic? Like 2014, it’s hard to tell.


  • What’s Up with Those Beards? plays every Thursday and Saturday;
  • Tickets are €26,50 p.p.; Buy your tickets here online!
  • Or call 0900 BOOM CHICAGO for reservations.