Fun shows for groups and events

Looking to make your event more fun? We offer a number of exciting shows to create a memorable event, whether is to celebrate a special person or to bring some great evening entertainment.

At Boom Chicago, even our smallest shows a huge hit! And with only two or three actors, even YOU can afford the best entertainment for your next party or event. Give us a call and we'll work with you to find the best combination of improvised scenes, games and songs to fit your vision (and your wallet!)

Comedy Roast: Think you have to have Hollywood money to get a customized comedy roast for your friend, partner or co-worker? Think again! Two Boom Chicago actors will write and perform a hilarious, relentless custom roast for your next big (or small!) event.

Fake Expert Speech: Two of our performers will come to your next team gathering and start the program with a mock speech - which the audience thinks is real, of course - that will quickly digress into pure comedy. The duo will then perform a quick improv game to get audience energy high, setting the table for your most successful event.

The Seven Deadly Dutch Sins on tour: book this hit comedy show at your location and we’ll bring a 30 to 45 minute act full of sketches and improvisations about the Dutch and the things they do that you never noticed, or never questioned before. Everyone knows the Dutch are cheap and complain about the weather, but The 7 Deadly Dutch Sins goes deeper. Boom’s actors have been living and working here, observing, interpreting and gathering material for more than twenty years.

Looking for a more strategic and innovative approach to your event? Boom Chicago Creative, the communication and strategy arm of Boom Chicago, works with innovative companies who want to continue succeeding and evolving. Leadership and Talent Development, programs around Culture and Innovation, Creative Development for Agencies and Event Resources, such as hosts and MC’s can all be found here.

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