Boom Chicago Improv at School

Students love comedy. Sketch, stand up and improvisation comedy in particular are very popular among young people. Boom Chicago, one of the Netherlands's leading comedy groups, has been performing educational comedy programs at high school across the Netherlands for years. These annual shows and workshops are highlights for students and teachers alike.

Boom Chicago Shows

Boom Chicago’s comedy shows are a fast-paced mix of sharp writing, quick improvisation, video, music and the internet. The actors, musical director and multimedia technician all work together to make a hysterical show that incorporates the issues of the day and suggestions from the audience. These interactive shows connect with even the most jaded young audience.

Boom Chicago Workshops

One of the basic principles of improvisation theater is Yes And. This exciting form of theater stresses working together, really listening and building on each other’s ideas. Interestingly, the skills used in a good comedy scene are the same skills students need for successful careers.

Presenting to a group with confidence is another very valuable skill in life. Our workshops can also teach these communication skills to students.

English = Good

Our shows and workshops are in English, so students have a lot of opportunity to put their English skills into practice in a natural setting. And they have a lot of fun too.

Educational Relevance

Our shows and workshops fit in the Cultural Programs of schools (CKV).  Click here for a video of one of our Improv at School programs.

We can provide the teacher with a lesson package on the subjects of the history of improvisation and the principles that form its foundation, which can be discussed in class beforehand.

For an English class, the scripts of some of our sketches can be read and discussed in class beforehand. The unlikely history of Boom Chicago is another good topic for an English class.

After the show we can organize a Meet & Greet with the actors, at which the students can ask specific questions which they can then use to write up a report.


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