BEST OF BOOM: Summer Improv Party

This summer, it's our Best of Boom Summer improv party!

As all of us -- including the Boom Chicago team -- spends more and more time staring at our phones, it's worth noting: there is nothing quite like live comedy. Watching the performers sweat, seeing their faces light up as they come up with a joke -- or seeing them genuinely laugh at something their fellow actor does -- it's amazing in a way watching on your screen of choice simply isn't. This is even more true at a Boom Chicago show. At our shows your ideas, the things you shout out, become the starting point for the comedy. It's kind of like you wrote the show... except it's much more like you said something that inspired us to write the show. But when your ideas turn into new jokes it's like magic. And because it's happening live in front of your eyes, you get to watch the comedians make the connections and come up with the ideas that turn simple suggestions into one of the best comedy shows in the world.

Regular €26,50
Student/CJP €15,00

*Seats are held only until 15 minutes before scheduled start time. Latecomers will be seated in other (perhaps worse) seats.

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