Angry White Men

Our Trump Show is Extended Again (unfortunately)!
Angry White Men: Trump Up the Volume, the hit show that predicted it all. We've gone through four of the five stages of grief about President Trump. After denial, anger, bargaining and depression, we are trying to move on to acceptance. But we're not there yet!

Come join Boom Chicago for some post-election therapy. Using stand up comedy and improvisation, Pep Rosenfeld, Greg Shapiro and director Andrew Moskos have created a up to the minute show that is sharp, insightful and very funny.

The only thing we can do is laugh! Stiff drinks will be available at the bar.

This creative team has created seven critically acclaimed political shows on Boom Chicago's stage including Bye Bye Bush, Mr. America Contest and 9/11 Forever.

Angry White Men: Trump Up the Volume is perhaps their best one yet. It certainly has the funniest source material.

The show lasts 2 hours and 10 minutes, including intermission


Comedy Central Couch €36,50
VIB: Very Important Butt Seat €30,50
Regular €26,50
Back Row Seat €20,50
Student/CJP €15,00

*Seats are held only until 15 minutes before scheduled start time. Latecomers will be seated in other (perhaps worse) seats.
*Show is in our upstairs theater.

Want to learn what it takes to do a good Trump impression? Check out Greg Shapiro's video below!

Hear Greg Shapiro's spot on Trump impersonation in the video below (from VPRO's Zondag met Lubach)!